1. Using a bot or any kind of 3rd-party program that gathers XP for you is not allowed (we don't mind Keypressers unless you use them with AutoSelect or things like that)
2. If you cast skills for more than 60 seconds outside of town without responding, you might be banned.
3. Inappropriate / Disrespectful behaviour towards team members is NOT allowed
4. Spreading rumors about the server, or flaming the server is NOT allowed.
5. Trading / selling accounts (characters), selling/buying items for real money is forbidden. Any in-game service offered for real money is NOT ALLOWED.
6. Abusing any kind of bug or game system instead of reporting it is NOT allowed.
7. Hosting any kind of events (item giveaways etc.) without GM approval is NOT allowed.
8. Killing protector bombs is a reason to get banned!
9. On Project65, stucking uniques is NOT ALLOWED. On project188, stucking Shaitan and Ultima Weapon is NOT ALLOWED.
10. Globals are allowed only in English (you may use other languages for guild-recruitment globals or stream promotion).
    - It is also NOT allowed trying to dodge this rule by writing a guild-recruitment related global and then add other non-related stuff to it.
11. Dropping trader goods for yourself or your thief friend is NOT ALLOWED.
12. Being afk in Battle Arena / entering BA with 2 characters is NOT ALLOWED.
13. Don't open Tickets for getting a service like for example:
    - I accidentally sold an item to the NPC, please give it back
    - No item transfer to other chars or accounts (even donated items like avatars)
    - No name changes because you have an alt account with the name you want
14. Client modifications in any way are forbidden (This includes all files within the game client folder such as .exe and .pk2 files)
Impersonating staff members is forbidden
15. Engaging in the exploitation of hunter experience points through constant attacks on thieves may result in punitive action if reported. Please be aware that the specific measures taken in response to such behavior are at our discretion.

- We do NOT enforce disputes related to offensive language between players, please use the chat block function for such issues. However, we do keep the right to punish players if there's a continuous disrespectful behaviour.
- We do NOT enforce disputes related to being hacked/scammed. It's up to yourself to protect yourself.
- We do NOT enforce disputes related to in-game drama / insults. If you don't want to hear from someone, just chat ban them so you don't see their messages.
- Even if you just try open a bot, you will recive a permanent ban.
- If you break any rule, you get blocked on every account logged on in the past
- If you open bot, all your accounts from past will be banned too. You can make a new fresh account after a ban.

Server Info

  • Current Server Time:

  • Project188
  • Cap 90
  • Chinese / European
  • EXP/SP Solo 4.0x
  • EXP/SP Party 6.0x
  • Item Drop 5.0x
  • Gold Drop 3.0x
  • Ver. 1.188
  • NO Bot
  • IP Limit 2
  • Mastery 360
  • _____________________
  • Project65
  • Cap 70
  • Chinese
  • EXP/SP Solo 1.0x
  • EXP/SP Party 1.0x
  • Item Drop 1.0x
  • Gold Drop 1.0x
  • Ver. 1.059 / 1.062 / 1.067
  • NO Bot
  • Mastery 300